At its founding in 1994, the identity of our company was determined by the combination of ecological and building biological aspects with the classical style of Scandinavian architecture.

Since then, the range of ecological building materials on the market has multiplied, triggered by an enormous shift in awareness in the public. Likewise, the development of pioneering new heating and energy technologies has been pushed by exploding energy costs.

Our task is to examine and filter innovations, to separate cutting-edge developments from ephemeral trends, in order to merge them with the proven into a concept design characterised by sustainability.

From our own experience, we attach great importance to the creation of rest zones that are free from pollution caused by electronic smog and geological fault zones, apart from providing answers to issues from a technical and building biology point of view. In terms of design, you can enjoy complete freedom. Structural design planning and construction are performed in close collaboration with you, and the result will be a home according to your very needs and expectations.